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Website maintenance by your very own Web Manager

My key services can drive more traffic to your website and increase online sales. You can follow my work and measure progress easily. This will allow you to see what a great return on investment you are receiving month after month.

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Exclusive website support services

To ensure that you receive the best service possible from me, I only work with a limited number of clients per year.

Over the years, my results have ensured that the services I offer you are in high demand.

By limiting the number of clients I work with, I avoid overselling and this allows me to work to the fullest extent of my ability.

At times, this policy will lead to a waiting list. Contact me today to discover if this is currently the case.

As an exclusive client you will have access to a professional website manager who will improve;

  • Your websites technical health by removing errors
  • Your ranking in the major search engines through *S.E.O

*S.E.O. = Search engine optimisation. The process used to improve your position in all the major search engines.

To improve these two elements, the tasks involved are numerous. The smallest issue is identified through constant monitoring to ensure your website is running smoothly each and every day.

With this attention to detail, your site will enjoy a growth in both search engine traffic and web sales.

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.” – Lao Tzu

It takes time to gather momentum online. This is why my clients and I commit to a long term partnership. A partnership that will benefit both parties.

Together, we view each project as a journey. A journey towards growth and success.

Every business website requires maintenance, it is the backbone of your companies future growth.

As with any key business element, it is vital to ensure the website is running at its best, with reduced errors and adequate space for surges in demand or future planned expansion.

Too often, the temptation may be to simply ‘design and launch’ with no real thought for future requirements, but that can lead to bigger issues down the line.

My first task is to fully evaluate your existing website, identify potential issues and build a plain English report showing areas for improvement.

These improvements will help give your business maximum exposure in the search engines.

This will offer a continued return on investment as the changes I suggest will target the search engines *organic results and not the paid for ads.

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*Organic results v paid for ads


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My existing customers receive the following benefits from a well maintained website that is up to date;

  • A future proof web design that always works
  • A secure website safe from malware and hackers
  • Well optimised content for better S.E.O. results
  • More potential customers due to higher rankings
  • New content ideas every month
  • Existing clients being served with fresh content
  • Easy to follow monthly progress reports

My website maintenance services are built with you in mind.

My services offer more than keeping your website up to date.

My website maintenance packages will work;
  1. To ensure your website is error free
  2. To improve your search engine results
  3. To outrank your competition online
  4. To help your business grow

It is your business and you need to see just how we are progressing, this is why all my clients are able to follow my work on their project daily and ask for new targets using my support desk.
If you want to keep running your business without the hassle of managing your website, contact me today to discuss a professional website maintenance plan.

I did not expect much to change when I asked you to manage my site. On the contrary, once you took over in 2010, I immediately had just one task, that was to get my orders from my site. You have proved to very reliable and to that end I have no problems in telling others about you daily. I also am happy to have granted you the right to pop this onto your website.

Steve Monk. Owner of The M.L. Group.
Suppliers to the arts and theatre companies.

As a business owner, are you ready to improve your website design and it’s earnings?

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