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Website Support Services For Businesses Based In Leicester

Website Maintenance Services

My services will improve your website by removing any errors and boosting it’s speed. By preserving the integrity of your website you will boost your search engine rankings and enjoy the potential of earning more online.

This level of service is delivered day after day and to ensure my standards never drop I set 10 minimum targets or you get the next month free!*

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Website improvement guaranteed benchmarks

Valid for all Web Support packages

  1. All pages included in your subscription load in under 2 seconds
  2. Every page included in your package receive a Page Speed grade of A
  3. Each page in your package receive a Yslow grade of A
  4. Your search engine sitemap (for Google and Bing) is 100% error free
  5. Your entire website displays no security issues as determined by Google
  6. There are zero avoidable crawl errors within your website profile for Google
  7. Your website’s local citations are correct and consistent across all platforms
  8. Your website has an SSL certification installed and is graded A+
  9. Your subscribed pages all display correctly in the search engine result listings
  10. Ensure all covered pages meet the basic Google SEO expectations (link opens new window)

When your subscription begins, benchmark reports are taken (using GTMetrix, Qualys and Google). These reports are send to you and can be compared to month on month to show improvements. If none is visible, you get the next month FREE (or your cash back if taking part in my 28 day challenge).

Based in Leicester & helping local businesses grow nationwide.

I provide website maintenance for busy, local business owners who haven’t got the time to learn how all the technical aspects needed to manage their site and it’s marketing.

What Is Website Maintenance?

Regular website maintenance is a process that keeps your website content, plugins and other vital parts up to date and working perfectly. This ensures that visitors can visit your website and enjoy a trouble free experience.

When your visitor uses your website without issue, the chances of converting them into a customer increase drastically and so will your profits.

That is not all, without any issues lurking on your website, this will help the search engines (such as Google and Bing) to reward you with higher rankings.

An effective Website Maintenance contract will also include security monitoring and visitor protection, this simply means ensuring the website is not hacked and your customers are never at risk of malware or viruses.

As an established website maintenance company (based in Leicester), I ensure all my client website are error free and up to date. This will give them the best possible chance to rank as high as possible in the search engines such as Google and Bing.

More Than Just Website Updates

Website Maintenance and Website Support ServicesAn error free website is vital to your local business and it’s potential for success online.

Due to the vast number of websites that exist today, the major search engines now crawl a huge number of websites every day.

The results of these crawls allow them to decide who ranks where in their results pages.

If they meet any errors during this crawl, it can damage how well they rank your website. The lower the ranking, the harder it is for your potential customers to find you.

It may even stop you showing in the results at all as Google states here.  (Link opens in a new window).

A regular website maintenance routine will help to identify any issues and rectify them instantly.

This will ensure your company website is in the best possible shape to rank as high as possible when your customers search for your products and/or services.

With every business website, the formula to success is simply; ‘the higher you rank in the search engines, the easier your products and services will be found by your new and existing customers‘.

The Website Maintenance Process

Depending on which package you choose, the monthly process I use looks very similar to the following guide;

  1. You choose a web support package that suits your needs or you can contact me to discuss your options
  2. After a website audit, we work together to discuss which areas we want to target first
  3. I present you with a monthly action plan and timescales
  4. I work diligently to work on everything presented to you within the agreed timescale

This process delivers excellent results for all of my clients including;

  • Excellent search engine rankings – 87% of my clients have at least 2 key phrases on Page 1 of Google
  • Trouble free website experience for their customers who visit them online
  • Total peace of mind as the security and maintenance of their website is handled by a Professional
  • Their very own Website Manager on-call every day for any problems they discover online.

Website Support and Maintenance Customer Feedback

Our website has never been busier and we haven’t been offline since we subscribed in 2010. I used to spend hours’ on our site. I now only visit our site to download orders. Daren has proved to extremely reliable and always available.

S.J. Monk. Founder and owner of The M.L. Group. Specialist suppliers to the arts and theatre companies.

I have been with Daren for over 7 years and he has never let me down on any task…we rank top of Google for 2 of our 3 main services locally and nationwide!

K.Calvert – Business Owner

How Much Will My Website Maintenance Package Cost?

Daren Jephcote. Professional Webmaster and Supporter Of Local Busines Websites and Supporter Of Local Business WebsitesWhen you decide to work with me, you decide which package suits your needs and budget.

My website maintenance packages vary in length only. Each one is feature packed to help your site meet it’s maximum potential in terms of performance and search engine ranking.

From just £50 per week, you can hire a Professional Webmaster.

View my web support rate card now and see how you can get an experienced team member for a fraction of the cost (and H.R. red tape) of hiring a full time employee.