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Instantly improve your website!

It’s time to instantly improve your website design.

Let’s visit your company website and revamp it into something modern that your visitors will love.

Allow me to share some of my easier tips to help you give your site a boost without spending a penny.

Do I need to enhance my site?

As you look to make strides online, your company website is the first impression that new customers will remember.

Let’s make them remember you for all the right reasons.

Do not worry, this is not an article about a total re-write.

There are just a few pieces tips on revision that anybody can action.

These little updates may help your site turn the corner.

The way we browse the internet is changing

In 2021, mobile data traffic worldwide is expected to reach 49 exabytes per month at a compound annual growth rate of 47 percent.

People are now browsing on mobile devicesSource: The Statistics Portal

Website visitors will continue to change.

Your new customers will adapt how they view and consume what it on offer online.

They will access your website differently and expect a faster, smoother, error free experience.

So let us crack on and give it a leg up into the modern age.

Instantly improve your website for free

To instantly improve your website, first we need to make one or two assumptions as set out below;

  • You are using a content management system like WordPress or Joomla
  • You have access to edit the content (Editor or above)
  • These changes and tweaks will take place inside the area where you would add content

Please remember that this list a simple to follow guide only, for a detailed analysis that will deliver a comprehensive improvement report, why not try my S.E.O. Checker on one of your service/product pages?

Page, post and article improvements that anyone can do

  1. Add a well written title that tells everyone what your page is about
  2. Make sure every page has a “Contact” link in the menu
  3. On the resulting contact page add your telephone number, email address and other methods
  4. If possible, add your preferred contact methods into a defined area on every page
  5. Check your copy, remove any underlined text that is not a link
  6. To emphasise points, make your comments strong (or use css to define elements consistently)
  7. Check your navigation. Make sure that your menu items are the same on all pages please

You can make these changes with a little research

  1. Check that you have uploaded image files that are as small as possible
  2. Use this free image optimiser, to shrink them online* if you need to
  3. To optimise via a WordPress plugin, why not try this free one*
  4. To optimise using a Joomla extension, this free one is worth a try*
  5. Tweak your content and add relevant functions only
  6. Update your plugins to the latest version

Carry out these updates with your webmaster

  1. Make sure your pages are fast loading. Learn why this is important
  2. If you have a large website, construct a site map. Your visitors will thank you
  3. Check and submit a sitemap to Google and Bing
  4. Audit your layout to determine your preferred scheme and add it to every page
  5. Always look at ways you can improve your website, they are always evolving, so are your users

*I have no affiliation with these tools

That’s my list and as you can see, when you look to instantly improve your website, it can be achieved quite easily if you set your mind to it.

You will note that I have not added too much about the design aspect as this is mainly subjective.

An excellent design to one, may be awful to another.

Thanks for stopping by, if you have any comments or questions, please go ahead and reach out to me…I won’t bite.

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