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Errors on your website are hurting you rankings in the search engines

But I don't have the time or skills to remove the errors on my website

On page errors do hurt rankings

Google, Bing and all the other search engines like to crawl your website by using something call 'bots' or 'spiders'. They like to do it easily and if you have errors, your rankings will suffer. Don't take my word for it, ask Google now.

Don't know how? Allow me to help.

There is nothing to fear, you can uncover any issue with your website with my free report. Nothing can hide from it. Once you have found the issues, if you do need help, visit my blog where a wealth of helpful articles can be found.

An error free website will climb.

Once the damaging errors have been removed from your website, Google etc. will be able to crawl your website easily and as a result, you will get a nice boost in your positions. My website checker service offers you a free report to get started.

Everyone loves a healthy website.

An error free website will be much easier for everyone to use. It will rank much higher and you can significantly increase your income. If you need any help fixing issues, I offer one off or subscription based support. Check your website now.

Website maintenance services that help you sell more online!

A routine of web maintenance is a simple and powerful solution.

My free website report discovers an error

This (or any) error can hurt your Google rankings, so the sooner you discover it the better. Once you know what the error is, you can then edit the page(s) and remove it. This, in essence is what web maintenance is all about. Start improving your site now and run a free web check.

Technical perfection will help your sales grow.

Errors on a website will impact on your search engine rankings. By removing them, your rankings will improve and your customers will find you online easier. They will also enjoy your website more too as an error free website is also faster and easier to use.

Website Support Client Comments

Supporting clients since 2004. Here are a few recent comments...

"Job sent in at 9.35 am, issue fixed by 10.30 am same day. Brilliant." | NW Readings Ltd. 2016

"We trust Daren with our site and have done since 2007." | CSS Ltd. 2016

"Every job submitted has been done when promised." | Moonlighter Group. 2016

"Always contactable and delivers what is required. Great stuff." | DCI Security Ltd. 2016

Frequently Asked Questions

Can your services really help my sales grow?

100% Yes. By identifying areas that need improvement, including code, content and ranking details. Google, Bing etc. prefer healthy, updated websites and as such, they can rank much higher than a site with errors and poor performance.

What is a technical SEO?

Technical SEO (Search engine optimisation) is a process I use to identify any potential, technical issue that will hurt your rankings in Google and all the major search engines. This includes your website, hosting environment and page speed.

I only have a small website, is it worth it?

Absolutely. Whether your website is 5 pages or 500, you still need to apply the same skills to discover ALL errors and the content principles to enable the search engines to rank you higher. My services are perfect for all websites.

Do you offer monthly or annual plans?

My services are extremely popular and as such, spaces are very limited. However, once you partner with me, you can choose your subscription length. When spaces are available, you can subscribe to my services for 3, 6 or 12 months.

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