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The results below show how many issues were resolved last month to ensure I hit my client sites website maintenance targets.
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Discover how to gain customers with my free website evaluation. By removing errors and speeding it up, your Google rankings will improve. With higher search engine rankings, your customers will find you ahead of the competition.

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A Website Manager who is dedicated to maintaining your website and helping it grow.
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Joined Daren in '07. 100% reliable & delivers on his promises.
Since hiring Daren as my Website Manager in 2009, my website and it's results have proved to be excellent and I have no problems in telling others about your exceptional services!
Joined in 2011 and stay as Daren's services are unbeatable!

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What is it?

Website maintenance is a routine that goes a lot deeper than just checking your sites code. It is a key process that can remove errors and keep it up to date. Even a single issue can hurt your rankings in the search engines. It can even result in your website not ranking at all.