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How much does website maintenance cost?

Is it worth the investment?

The vast majority of website owners already carry out vital website maintenance on a regular basis.

Some carry it out in-house whilst others partner with people such as myself, who maintain websites professionally.

For the few that do nothing yet, they may be wondering how much it all costs.

Well wonder no more, please read on…

Once your website is live, the work is only just beginning

Many business owners invest heavily in their website design and content building.

Once the euphoria of the launch has passed, many are left waiting for that next order.

There are ways to shorten the wait, but for many that would involve investing heavily in advertising.

But there is a smarter, more profitable way to increase visibility and gain more online custom.

That way is a regular routine of website maintenance.

Discover why website maintenance is important and what it includes

It’s no secret.

Website maintenance and it’s cost offer one of the best and longer term return on investments than many other online marketing strategies.

Many people wonder what website maintenance costs and what tasks are involved.

Allow me to assist, for starters, here is a brief checklist of just some of the more common tasks that should be included in any website maintenance plan;

  • Check your website for broken links
  • Keep and eye on your web page load speeds
  • Update any themes, frameworks and plugins
  • Manage and remove spam
  • Monitor your websites security
  • Backup your website
  • Make sure that every page is working as intended
  • Monitor and evaluate your current S.E.O. performance

Once you have carried out the above (the list is by no means exhaustive, my current checklist carries over 750 checks), you then have to be in a position to fix any issue discovered.

If your in-house team would rather spend their day building your business than working on your website, then this is where the website maintenance cost consideration comes in to play.

No 2 companies will incur exactly the same website maintenance cost, my partners certainly do not as I custom build each process for each company.

To give you an idea of how much work is involved, here is an average profile taken from my worklogs and notepad…

  • My clients’ have experienced ranking results and improved performances within 2 weeks
  • On average I update over 250 plugins per month for my partner sites
  • I block, on average 25 suspect IP addresses daily
  • I monitor over 1,250 emails per day
  • Over 95% of spam never hits my partners inbox
  • I respond to all work requests within 1 hour of receipt
  • I resolve all work requests within 8 hours of receipt

OK, forget the websites, let’s give you an everyday comparison to consider

Open up your laptop, desktop or tablet device and roll it back to the factory settings.

Once done, please go into your settings and DISABLE your operating system updates!

Have you done it?

Course you haven’t!

That would be madness.

You would leave your devices open to all kinds of problems, you would not be able to enjoy some of the latest content online.

All because your system is out of date and more importantly, your device is placed at a huge risk of infection from hackers, viruses and worms.

Now look at your website and answer these questions honestly

  • What does your copyright notice say at the bottom of your page? Bet it isn’t current.
  • On your team page, how many of your ‘staff’ are still working for you?
  • Are your prices still the same now as they were in 2009?
  • Using a C.M.S.? Is it the latest version?
  • When did you last scan your local machines for adware and malware?
  • When did you last back up your website?
  • Are your customers enjoying reading the same content you published x years ago?
  • How many times have your customers complimented you for an article you added?
  • Has your turnover increased massively online since you launched your website?

…you wouldn’t do it to your devices, so why do it to your website?

Your website is a crucial business tool that is the face of your company.

Let Me Help Control Your Website Maintenance Costs.

Thank you for reading my article. After more than 13 years in this industry, I am often perplexed at the scant consideration given to company websites and as such, my purpose is to address this issue and offer an exclusive website maintenance service.

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