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How to sell more online…

…without spending any money!
With more people than ever before, selling online, you need to make sure your products stand out.

This task is not an easy task.

I shall be publishing a simple to follow guide on how to sell more.

This week it is all about the hook.

Allow me show you how to grab your piece of market share.

Let’s start selling more online.

Part 1. First comes the hook, because with no hook, there will be NO conversion!

Writing Headlines that sell. I have been writing effective copy for the website for many years now and you do not get to this stage of the career without learning a thing or two.

There are a million and one opinions out there today on how to sell, do this, it works better than that etc…yadda, yadda. Well I am here to tell you one secret that matters.

Nothing sells a product better that it’s headline!

Before we delve deep into this subject, be honest, how many of you are viewing this page because of the headline?

Don’t be shy…but if you are, you see how easy it is to show that it works.

Let me show you how to get the same results that will help to sell everything you offer.

This step by step guide is totally free and will cover 5 areas.

Today’s topic, makes perfect sense, lets start at the beginning with the headline.

What is a headline?

I have seen the most common definition of a headline as “the heading or caption of a article” but lets forget that. My definition of a headline is…

 The 10 words or less that will help to sell your product or service. Engage, entice then SELL!

When you create a headline there are some simple steps to follow.

If you want to sell more products than you ever have before then you must follow these steps… For this example I am going to sell the best ever widget seen online that will help all gardeners when they are sowing seeds.

It is blue, it makes everything easier for you as it is the only blue widget that spaces the seeds out for you and it costs £4.99.

Oh, and I have 1,000 to sell without a new line of supply.

Step One: Look at your product and service. Ask yourself “who will buy this product?” Once you have this answer, write it down.

In this instance it is GARDENERS.

Step Two: What are the KEY features of our widget? Well, one stands out and that is it spaces the seeds. Write it down. If your product or service have more, then write them down. For this example, we are keeping it simple.

Step Three: Why will our gardener want to buy this product? Once again, identify it and write it down. Here we can see the product will save time, space the seeds and make life easier when sowing. You now have the content to get that headline running. Let’s have a go… The current headline reads…

Blue Widget For Sale. Only £4.99. Bulk Orders Can Have 10% Discounts

Not inspiring is it? This is where you EVALUATE your headline. Is it specific, do we know who it is for, what it does etc? So, looking back at your notes, let’s try another one.

Gardeners Blue Widget. Only £4.99. Limited Stock Order Now.

Better? Yes, but only just. But it still lacks the BUY ME NOW factor wouldn’t you say… Here is what I would suggest as a final headline…

Sow Seeds Faster, Buy The Gardeners’ Blue Widget Spacer For Only £4.99

There you have it. From this lead in, you have

  1. Identified your market
  2. Identified the purpose of the product
  3. Identified the key features
  4. You have used a price driven variant on the ‘Command’ headline

That is it for part 1, part 2 will be published next month and for my next trick, I shall uncover the next step in selling online…

The taster copy

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