How I get Google to visit.

Helping to lead Google direct to your website is one of my primary tasks.

Once there, we want your website to get indexed and ranked accordingly.

Although you can (and will) get crawled regularly by Google, you only get one chance to make a first impression, so lets make sure it is a good one.

If you have followed my  good website design tips then you should be ready for the visit of Google, the world’s largest search engine provider (so far…).

Your fantastic, brand new website will need to meet some basic rules for a speedy, high ranking inclusion.

Here are a few that I always tend to follow with great success.

When Will Google Index My Site?

In my experience there is no definitive timeline as to when you get indexed and displayed.

There are numerous elements to give Google a helping hand.

Although some SEO aspects change regularly, after nearly 15 years in this industry, I have found the key factors tend to remain the same.

This is why I always follow some simple, basic rules that take these factors into consideration.

Google will appreciate following suggested best practices

Here are some best practices that I recommend my clients follow regularly;

  1. Always ensure that your new website is built for humans not Google
  2. Ensure that your website navigation is well placed and easy to follow
  3. All the key pages contain AT LEAST 300 words of quality copy
  4. Try to publish AT LEAST 4 pages of unique content per month
  5. Always pay attention to the page title and descriptive meta
  6. It is a vital to add relevant alt tags and anchor texts to all links
  7. NEVER submit a brand new domain URL to 100’s of forums/link exchanges
  8. Submit a sitemap.xml to Google via your webmaster search console
  9. Try to add at least 1 relevant external link out from your page
  10. Begin to build a link relationship with relevant site(s) that add value to your site

These principles must are always at the front of my mind when planning a new website project.

Getting it right at the outset will make it much easier to promote and manage the websites growth through a long term SEO process either in house or with your contracted website manager.

If this seems a little bit like rocket science, do not worry, Google have put together a great starter guide (opens in a new window).

Have a look through and let me know what you think, after all, I am here to help.


To ensure maximum return on your SEO investment, ensure Google’s first visit is a happy one and pay attention to detail.

Make an action plan to cover the following;

  • Address your sites short term and long term direction before you launch
  • Plot your navigation structure away from your screen
  • Plan a consistent, meta tag approach
  • Bundle your content themes appropriately
  • Consider your social marketing channels (such as Twitter)
  • Ensure your content is well written and easy to read
  • Make sure your sitemap is submitted correctly

With all this in place, let Google crawl away but please, do not expect Page 1 right away, that takes time, effort and in some highly competitive niches, it may never happen.

But do not fear, Page 1 is not always needed to be successful online, but that’s another story…

Thanks for stopping by, I do hope you found this article useful, if you did, please feel free to share socially using the buttons below, thank you.



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