SEO Audit - Free Website Evaluation Report

Discover what issues may be hiding on your website. Request now, delivered in minutes!

Discover what may be hurting your search engine rankings.

Starting a new SEO Project can seem very daunting with all the possible elements you will need to address.

I always start at the same place irrespective of which project it is. This is the SEO Audit.

When I run a detailed SEO Checker report, I can be 100% certain that I will be able to target the key areas first.

SEO Audit – Evaluation Report Content

This free website audit will check for common errors.

It will present the most common errors within your site and an overview of your websites health.

  • It will present a total website health score (using over 350 metrics for comparison)
  • The number of crawled pages (indicating is a search engine BOT may have problems too)
  • The number of issues each page contains
  • The number of errors, warnings and notices your website contains
  • Your websites TOP 3 issues

For a more detailed service, you may like to consider my SEO Checker report.

This will present all issues discovered on your website and will include a “how to fix guide” in detail.

Just fill in the short form below and your overview report will be with you in minutes.

This form is 100% secure and I never share any details with any 3rd parties.

This is an evaluation service only and as such it is not supported. If you have any questions relating to the restrictions on this report, please feel free to contact me and I will be happy to help.

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