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What is website maintenance?

Is it just a website checker or is there more to it?

A thorough routine of website maintenance does more than just check your website. It is a vital process that fixes errors on your website with the minimum of fuss.

Even a single issue can impact badly on your rankings in the search engines. In some cases, it can even result in your website not ranking at all (opens a new window).

The process is very simple for an experienced Professional. This is not due to your webmaster skills but mainly down to time. After all, you are trying to run your business.

In the beginning, it is really just a website checker

To begin with, a regular web maintenance routine always starts with an audit (or check).

This action will highlight any technical errors and also pinpoint where you are now in the search engines.

Some examples of what I check are;

  • Your web hosting set up
  • The speed of your website and it’s pages
  • The HTML (or coding) of your page
  • Plugins and other add-on’s you may use
  • and over 150 other key areas of your website

You can also expect a reliable webmaster to check your on page search engine optimisation efforts alongside where you are appearing now in the search results.

This comprehensive process encompasses all that is a technical S.E.O. service or simply website maintenance…keeping your website error free and ranking well.

Great, but what happens once we have the report?

Once the report is completed, you are armed with the information needed to improve your sales with a higher search engine ranking.

As you know, the formula is simple, no rankings = no traffic = no sales!

Once the initial work is completed, you will have an error free, fully compliant website that your visitors can trust and that Google (and the others) will rank much, much better.

On average, my client websites’ ranking improve by over 60% after a period of just 90 days after hiring my services.

I can carry out these checks and fixes myself can’t it?

Of course you can. To implement these routines and checks, you should be able to make a minimum of 8 to 10 hours available every week. This time does not of course factor in emergencies and downtime that can really eat up the clock.

That said, if you have the time available to self-manage your websites, here is Googles very own guide here. This is a great place to begin for the first time Webmaster.


So, there you have it.

Website maintenance is a process of finding and removing errors that stop you ranking well in the search engines.

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