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The complete website audit that no error can hide from

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SEO Checker service that will tell you everything about your website

My SEO checker will analyse your website for errors and issues that will be hurting your search engine rankings. Once discovered, these can be removed to help improve your business position and earnings online.

This detailed technical SEO audit will also pinpoint your current position in the search engines so you can focus on climbing the rankings in addition to reporting on your competition and which keywords are working for them.

What is Technical SEO?

There are many definitions around, but the one I tend to use is that search engine optimisation (SEO) is the process of getting traffic from the search results on search engines organically.

Organic search results differ from the paid for results that Google display at the top of their search pages. If you have deep enough pockets, anyone can rank Number 1 in the paid results, but to rank 1st organically, takes skill and expertise.

Your rankings in the search engines also depends on numerous technical factors, many of which are checked by default using my website checker including  the design, HTML coding, website speed test and many more aspects.

If any errors are present, they could be flagged by the search engines and more often than not, they will damage your rankings. My in-depth report will identify them so they can then be removed.

This will then give your website the best chance possible to rank much higher.

My clients’ enjoy a 19.72% rise in Google rankings in less than 4 weeks of me fixing the issues which are discovered by my website checker.

SEO checker report. What is checked?

Below, is a summary list of what is checked by default when I run an SEO check;

  • Any technical issues that may be present on your website
  • Site usability issues that your visitors face
  • An image of what your website looks like on a mobile device
  • Your mobile rating score as set by Google
  • Page speed performance report
  • A “toxic link” report that will show dangerous links pointing to your website
  • How your keywords (and your competition) are ranking in the major search engines
  • What traffic you are receiving from the major search engines

Do you offer a sample for your SEO checker report?

I most certainly do and you can apply for a free SEO evaluation report here.

My unique support and reporting tools can test all areas of your website looking for weak spots that hurt your web rankings.

If you are a partner, regular technical SEO checks are carried out and if an issue is discovered, will be fixed expertly by me.

My clients’ trust my services and love the results!

I was skeptical that the review would make a difference, I wrong. Within weeks, I was ranking for more keywords and my sales increased dramatically.

Kevin Chambers. Marketing Manager, KB Assured. Sportswear Suppliers.

How much is your SEO Checker report?

My SEO Checker report is a fixed price service and the current price can be found on my pricing detail page.

My report will highlight your current website position, it’s health and performance in the search engines (and 3 of your main competitions money keywords) along with an easy to follow guide to show you how to improve your website in line with the report and it’s recommendations.

If you wish to have this report implemented for you, you may wish to consider using my exclusive SEO Services. This is highly sought after and as such, a waiting list may be in operation.

Using my SEO checker will save you hours of research.

My SEO report is a one stop solution to solve all your issues instantly.

When you have an error free website, your search engine rankings will show an improvement you never thought possible.

An error free website will rank higher in Google and all the major search engines.