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Improve your rankings page by page with my exclusive website audit service!
I will audit your website page by page and remove any errors found.

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Helping you rank higher in the search engines, page by page.

My SEO Checker service helps local companies like yours rank higher in Google, Bing and all the major search engines.

By ranking higher than your main rivals, your products and services are easily found by potential customers who then visit your site, local store or contact you via social media depending on your objectives.

However they reach out to you, they will contact you first. This allows you the chance to outsell your competition.

My SEO Checker Service will examine your website for any issue that will be holding back your website ready for them to be removed.

An error free website will rank higher in the search engines than one with issues. Some issues can stop you ranking all together as Google state here.

What is SEO?

Search engine optimisation (or SEO) is the process of getting traffic from the search results on search engines without paying for adverts.

The process and benefits of obtaining organic search results differ from pay per click in 3 keys areas;

  1. It takes skill and expertise to rank well in the results not just increasing your ‘bid price’
  2. The results are more cost effective as the results will be long term once delivered skillfully
  3. Organic results offer the best possible return on investment due to their long life span

Why do I need to run a website SEO checker?

Your rankings in the search engines depends on numerous factors, all of which are checked when I carry out a technical SEO analysis.

My SEO checker is the detailed website analysis. I check your website pages for errors and issues.

You decide how many pages I check or you can even request a full website check. It is up to you.

Why is it important to remove errors?

Any undiscovered errors will hurt you by making your site difficult to be found online by potential customers. This is due to Google and other search engines giving sites with errors penalties that restrict how well the website can rank in their results.

What kind of errors do you check for?

Common examples of errors that go undetected and hurt your website include;

  • Broken links and images
  • Poor loading speed on pages
  • Missing title tags
  • Duplicate content and meta tags
  • Robot text file errors
  • Sitemap mistakes

How can you be sure you spot all the important issues?

The question of whether a computer can think is no more interesting than the question of whether a submarine can swim. – Edsger Dijkstra

With over 14 years experience of managing websites and SEO auditing, if an issue is on your website, it will be found.

When you use automated SEO tools, simple errors can sometimes be missed or false reporting could waste hours as you hunt for an issue that does not exist.  This is why I manually check all aspects of your website and it’s performance.

What areas does your SEO Checker look into?

Below, is a summary of what areas are checked when I begin an SEO report;

  • Any technical issues that may be present on your website
  • Site usability issues that your visitors face
  • An image of what your website looks like on a mobile device
  • Your mobile rating score as set by Google
  • Page speed performance report
  • A “toxic link” report that will show dangerous links pointing to your website
  • How your keywords (and your competition) are ranking in the major search engines
  • What traffic you are receiving from the major search engines

Why check on the competition, it does not impact on my website does it?

SEO Checker Service

To help drive sales, my in-depth SEO analysis also reports on the current position of vital keywords in your marketplace for both you and your competitors.

By identifying which words are working for your competition, you can begin to overhaul them in all the major search engines and ultimately outrank them!

This will then give your website the best chance possible to rank much higher.

My clients’ enjoy a 19.72% rise in Google rankings in less than 4 weeks of me fixing the issues which are discovered by my website checker.

What happens when you discover the issues?

Once identified, these issues need to be resolved. This will help improve your position in the major search engines.

A better ranking will mean your customers can find you much easier when they search for your products and/or services.

More traffic to your site increases the possibility of more sales for your business.

Can I try out your SEO checker report?

By requesting a free SEO evaluation, you can discover instantly, why not try it out now, there’s no charge!

  • Which of your pages have errors
  • What type of errors are on your website
  • What are your worst offending errors
  • How well your website rates

My clients’ trust my services and love the results!

I did not think a website audit would make a big difference so I tried it on one page. Within weeks, I was ranking for more keywords and my sales increased dramatically on this page alone. I quickly ordered a full website audit!

Kevin Chambers. Marketing Manager, KB Assured. Sportswear Suppliers.

How much is your SEO Checker report?

My SEO Checker report is a fixed price service and the pricing details can be found here.