SEO Matters For Your Company Website
For business owners that want their sites to rank better!

How I get Google to visit.

Helping to lead Google direct to your website is one of my primary tasks.

Once there, we want your website to get indexed and ranked accordingly.

Although you can (and will) get crawled regularly by Google, you only get one chance to make a first impression, so lets make sure it is a good one.

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Is web maintenance worth it?

The cost of website maintenance and what is involved

The vast majority of website owners already carry out vital website maintenance on a regular basis.

Some carry it out in-house whilst others partner with people such as myself, who maintain websites professionally.

For the few that do nothing yet, they may be wondering how much it all costs.

Well wonder no more, please read on…

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Instantly improve your website!

Looking to instantly improve your website design? Discover my secret to a more powerful website design today.

What makes a good website design? This is not something to be overlooked. It is easy to get website design wrong. Let’s get it right first time

I have been marketing and developing websites for many years and one of the tasks involved in this process is to review a website and decide what areas are performing well.

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How to sell more online…

…without spending any money!
With more people than ever before, selling online, you need to make sure your products stand out.

This task is not an easy task.

I shall be publishing a simple to follow guide on how to sell more.

This week it is all about the hook.

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